Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Joy IVF Clinic : The Best IVF Clinic In Delhi

If you are unable to conceive naturally, there are various best IVF clinics in Delhi, that help youthful couples have a little one in their arms.  IVF is the treatment that takes place between four to six weeks and it is originally referred as 'test tube baby' method. A method in which eggs from the ovaries are gathered and fertilized with male sperm in a lab, and later these fertilized eggs (embryo) are placed back in the womb. The concept of 'test tube' babies is not a new one. It seems like an easy formula to have a baby outside the womb in a controlled  environment of a lab. There are various healthcare centres that offer the best cost-effective IVF treatment centre in Delhi NCR. Along with IVF, many clinics also specialize in surrogacy process and help expecting parents in finding a good surrogate mother or even a good sperm donor. Delhi is a place from big hospitals to small unknown hospitals, this advance technology is accessible to all.

Procedure of IVF Treatment
Test tube baby is the other name for an IVF procedure, where the male sperm and woman's eggs are collected in a bowl or plate so that they can be fertilized in the laboratory. When the male sperm and woman's eggs are collected, a healthy embryo is formed which is later transferred into the uterus. This term where the babies are conceived outside the woman’s body is known as 'in vitro fertilization'. In this process, the eggs from the mother's ovary are removed and incubated with the sperm from the father. After the fertilization, the 'pre-embryos' are divided 2-4 times and then they are placed back in the mother's uterus so that they can develop normally. Joy IVF Clinic, located in Pushpanjali, is counted as one of the top-notch IVF treatment clinic in NCR, Delhi.

The couples who are facing infertility issues and are thinking of pursuing IVF treatment must consider following tips for higher results and success.

Women should avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol as it can result in the risk of miscarriage. Secondly, women should avoid low diet or weight loss during her pregnancy as this time balanced diet will work best. Also, if a women is conceiving, she should avoid hot tubs or saunas. Similarly, for men, they should avoid drugs, alcohol, smoking and cigarette for three months prior to treatment and at all times during the ongoing IVF treatment cycle. Joy IVF clinic, located in Pushpanjali, is counted as one of the renowned and top-leading centre offering cost effective IVF Treatment Center In Delhi NCR. The treatment offered by the clinic is highly admired by all the patients. For more information, kindly visit or contact the clinic.